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Why Choose Us?

We are one of the most prestigious Fitness centres in Bosnia and we offer wide range of facilities from: Weights room, Resistance machines, kick boxing room and ladies fitness suite with the projector where they can watch variety of work-outs whilst they are exercising. All our equipment is imported from the UK and regularly maintained and upgraded. We are situated on a top floor of a shopping centre. Most of our rooms have a front clear glass where you can see the main high street of Kozarac, whilst you are working out.


Weights room

State of the art room with all the latest equipment up to date. We are always looking at different ways to provide the best service for our customers. We have the wide range of equipment from the old school dumbbells to the latest chrome dumbbells. We have the professional Olympic bars, but also normal ones with smaller weights that might accommodate more ladies and young individuals. We have a variety of costumers with different age gap, so we try to satisfy everybody’s needs. All our facilities have air conditioning and access to variety of music that you might require whilst working out.

Resistance room

This room is surrounded in a glass with no walls all around. It has the best view in a whole building whilst you are using our resistance machines. Over the years we have grown with our customers and we care a lot about their needs and expectations from us. Over the course of twelve years we have dedicated a lot of time and effort to grow into an international organisation where we have visitors from all over the World. Mainly Bosnian people from Diaspora during the holiday season. Some people like to have a quick work-out, just using resistance machines and this is why we dedicated this room for those costumers.

Kick boxing room

We offer wide range of Martial Arts from: Karate to kick boxing, MMA, Boxing, etc. We specialise in a variety of different self defence programmes and we try to encourage youth to keep fit. We have different couches that specialise in different Martial Arts. One of our coaches and a person who runs all of our facilities is EdinParatusic who has specialised in different Martial Arts. He also delivers different classes to the variety of our clients. He used to live in UK and he has brought all of his knowledge experience in training to Bosnia.

Ladies room

Most desirable look at the main street of Kozarac. Whilst working-out you can choose which movies or work-outs you would like to see whilst using our Cardio Vascular machines. We have a wide range of equipment from the latest Techno gym equipment to Cybex machines. We always try our very best to give everybody an opportunity to keep fit, lose weight or just maintain a healthy life style. Again we have a variety of clients ranging from the age of 16 to the age of 60.